Team Members


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Reece Scott

President and CEO


Reece was born in California and has resided in Florida, the Washington D.C. metro area, and in the UK in addition to Japan. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown University in Japanese and a Master’s Degree from the University of Oxford in Modern Japanese Studies. He currently lives and works in Tokyo.                                                                                             


Michael Ely

Director of Development


Michael was born in America and has lived, worked and traveled all over the world. He has a Master’s Degree from Cornell University and has created movies, scripts, and stories for some of the best selling videogames of all time including Civilization 2, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Magic: the Gathering, games for Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Zynga and many more. He now lives and works in Tokyo.


Keita Shibuya

 Lead Engineer / Technical Artist


Keita is a graduate of Hokkaido Sapporo Visual Arts College. While working at a game development company in Hokkaido for 8 years, he was involved in the production of social, arcade and consumer games. In addition to programming, he is also skilled at both VFX design and the usage of major 3D authoring tools. He is currently working on improving his English skills.


Yachiyo Mouri

 Office Manager


Yachiyo is a graduate of California State University at Stanislaus. At GameTomo she brings skills in the distribution of mobile games, both in Japan and globally. Yachiyo is interested in rakugo theatre and Japanese literature as well as classical Japanese dance. Her dream is to collaborate to build a rakugo game.


Kai Lange



Creator of PROPHECY and the newest addition to the GameTomo team, Kai is a German and U.S. citizen and wants to dig deep into the Unreal 4 engine. Project Nimbus: Code Mirai is his first professional project.

Takayoshi Takeuchi

 Level Designer / Artist


After graduation, Takeuchi-san worked as a CG designer for various TV animation series. Later, he followed his dreams into game development and became a level designer. Currently he creates level designs for GameTomo using his art and design skills, and his goal is to become a creative level artist.


Shiyuan "Sheera" He



Sheera was born in China and started living abroad since sixteen. She studied liberal arts at Sarah Lawrence College and the University of Oxford, and has a Master's Degree from Keio University. She is passionate about storytelling and wants to create unique stories while exploring innovative art styles. 



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