With its intense high-speed dogfights in mech-based ‘Battle Frames’, Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, is the definitive Mecha battle game for Nintendo Switch™!

Inspired by the Gundam, Macross and Ace Combat series, the game features vibrant graphics, blistering action and an epic storyline with battles over floating cities, vast oceans, and the reaches of outer space. Fly a variety of mighty Battle Frames fully loaded with missiles, energy blades, psychodrones, particle cannons and more in intense and relentless in-air combat.


Epic Mecha Action Remastered for the Nintendo Switch™!

The four act storyline of Project Nimbus details the violent clash of three different factions over a war-torn futuristic Earth. Endless Survival and special Warfront Mode feature additional Battle Frames and mission types.


Fly the most advanced Battle Frames ever created through a series of breathtaking environments, from ocean fortresses to cloud filled skies to the blasted ruins of Earth's greatest civilizations.

Continue the story of Mirai, UCN, CFN and the Children of Fallen Nations as the fight for peace on Earth continues, ending in an epic battle for the salvation of humanity.


Coming May 16th!

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