Project Nimbus: Rise Mirai

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Project Nimbus: Rise Mirai?

Rise Mirai is Acts 3 and 4 of the Project Nimbus storyline, remastered for the PS4. The first two Acts were released in Japan as Code Mirai in November 2017 and are already on sale. Rise Mirai includes the new acts, a new UI, and a completely brand new infinite battle mode called WARFRONT with six new mission types.

When will it come out?

November 29th in Japan.

How can I buy it?

If you own Code Mirai you can buy Rise Mirai as low-priced DLC through the Sony store. If you don't own Code Mirai you can buy the Complete Edition which contains all four acts and Warfront.

A brand new battle mode featuring new mission types, multiple maps, new playable mechs with upgrades, and a pilot level progression from Novice to Legendary.

Wait, what's this WARFRONT mode?

Right now it's Japan only but stay tuned.

Will this come out overseas?

No way!

Are there any loot boxes in this game?

Yes, we plan a launch discount for our loyal fans!

Any launch discounts?