Interviewing the Developer of Project Nimbus!

We were very happy to have the developer of Project Nimbus, Pawee, visiting us here in Tokyo. 

During Pawee's visit, we got many questions from our Twitter followers. Curious to know more about the master mind behind the awesome fast action mech game? Take a look!


Q1, What is your favorite mech anime or game?

Favorite game is Project Nimbus! But I also like Macross Zero for the smooth flying mechs, and Gundam Unicorn for the storyline.

Q2. What is the title of the game that you played and spent your time the most?

War Thunder.

Q3. When is Code Mirai Act 3&4 going to be released? Do you have estimated time? Also are you planning to create another mech action type game?

Code Mirai Act 3&4 will be released later this year. And Nimbus Infinity, the sequel to Project Nimbus, was announced this month and has started work!

Q6.Are you going to add any battleflames that we can use during the survival mode? (M3S Uber Striker , Krokodil  etc…)

Yes, I’m working on adding it to the PC version.

Q7. Are you going to collaborate with SUPER ROBOT WARS team?  Where we can play battleflames in the game.

No plan at this time.

Q6.  Are you planning to make novels, manga, anime from Project Nimbus game?


Q7. Are you planning to create and sell Project Nimbus figures or model kits?

 Not yet.

Q8.Are you going to sell a soundtrack ?

Yes, we plan to do this.

Q9. The function " bullet time" is inovative and very interesting! We can switch our weapons, show cool Melee, change the pace of the battle etc…the battles vary depending on the player. 
My questions is how did you come across the idea " bullet time"? For us, when regarding its slow-motion nature, it seems contrary to high-speed action. When implementing the function, what did you care the most? such like keeping the game balance etc...

It was in a previous game and it seemed like a great idea to introduce to Nimbus. I tried it and really liked it, so I kept it!

Will you tell me your best score for the Survival mode in CODE MIRAI?

My score is shown in the highest score in the default servial mode for Project Nimbus PC version, this means if you break this record, you are better pilot than the original developer!! As for Code Mirai record, we will let you know once Act 3 and 4 is out. 


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