Friend to All Gamers


What does it take to make an indie game?

To put it simply it takes one or two, or maybe four people with a dream.

In this increasingly globalized world, Japanese games have become well-renowned for their characters, their stories, and their high quality. Many indie game developers have likely played and been inspired by Japanese games at some point in time. Many of these same developers have dreams to make a game that is not only on par with Japanese titles but is also enjoyed by Japanese gamers.

That kind of dream is the essence of the indie spirit.

The question then becomes how to make this dream a reality. That’s where we at GameTomo come in.

If you are an indie game developer looking to expand upon your success by releasing your game in Japan but aren’t sure how, we can help. GameTomo will create a bond of friendship between indie game developers worldwide and Japanese gamers by localizing and publicizing hit indie game titles from all around the world for the Japanese market. We at GameTomo have the technical knowledge as well as the linguistic and cultural expertise to accomplish this.

GameTomo will bring gamers together. Let us be your tomo (friend) in Japan.

Reece Scott
President and CEO
GameTomo Co., Ltd.